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Best Props and Picks for Game 2

All that, plus a Same Game Parlay

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The Story Behind the Beach Bum Who Struck Gold on GameStop

In a special episode of ‘Gamblers,’ we dive into the tale of Mike McCaskill, an amateur stock trader from Louisville who spent years swinging for the fences—and beat Wall Street in the GameStop saga for the ages

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‘Gamblers,’ Episode 6: The Bookie Who Switched Sides

Joey Fortuna didn’t just want to make money. He wanted to beat the bookies at their own game. He wanted to be the best.

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The Poker Player Who Turned a $100 Deposit Into Millions

Phil Galfond once turned a single $100 deposit into millions on a poker site. But to prove he was the best, he issued a challenge and dug a hole that would require a miracle to overcome.

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The Punk-Rock Horseplayer

Emily Gullikson is so good at handicapping horses that the best in the business pay her to do it for them. She stands out in every way at the racetrack—from her appearance to her success.

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The God of Gin Rummy and the Book That Changed the Game

In the third episode of The Ringer’s new six-part anthology series, we meet Michael Sall, possibly the greatest money gin player ever, who literally wrote the book on the game

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The Last Great American Pool Hustler

Meet a local poolroom hero who took his game on the road and never looked back. In an excerpt from the second episode of The Ringer’s new anthology series, ‘Gamblers,’ we meet Scott "the Freezer" Frost.

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How to Keep a Low Profile When Swindling Casinos

In the debut episode of The Ringer’s new six-part anthology series, ‘Gamblers,’ we meet Gina Fiore, a single mom who made millions beating casinos at their own games

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Introducing ‘Gamblers,’ a Series That Details the Extraordinary Lives of Six Pro Gamblers

The Ringer’s newest anthology series is here! Check out this introduction to ‘Gamblers.’